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What is SAP R/3 Architecture ?

Updated May 18, 2018

SAP uses the industry specific 3-Layer Architecture and named it as R/3 Architecture.

            It consists of three 3 Layers

1. Presentation Server/ Layer/ Tier
2. Application Server
3. Database Layer

1. Presentation Server:

                        It is a client for all the SAP Solutions. It is also referred as SAPGUI. There are three 3 types of SAP GUI

                        1. SAP GUI for windows     (On Windows OS)

                        2. SAP GUI for JAVA         (On all OS where JAVA is supported)

                        3. SAPGUI for HTML         (for web based)

SAP provides various versions of GUI (4.6c, 620, 640, 700, 710)

2. Application Server:

                        It is used to handle the user request and process them to the database. It has dispatcher to process and monitor the user request, work process to process and interpret the requests, Buffer areas to store the frequently accessed data. It absorbs the load both from Client and the server.

3. Database server/ layer/ tier:

                        It is the area where the complete data resides. It has its own queue, process, buffers, and request handling mechanism. Most of the databases are on Oracle. SAP is pushing MAXDB (with out any license key), Microsoft SQL Server & IBM DB2 with discounted prizes.

SAP is focusing SMB (Small Mid sized Business) and promoting SAP for nearly 1 million/ Rs. 10 Lakhs/ per customer.

Supporting Platforms:

                        SAP can be installed on Microsoft windows 2000, win2k3 (2008 is under evaluation). It can be installed on 32bit or 64bit operating systems. 64 bit means a single process can serve the user with 4GB RAM/ Memory whereas in 32 bit it is 1.9GB Memory. 264, 232 / 8 bytes.


HP UNIX                   11.23
ORACLE           /


            IBM Specific operating system with version 5.3 technical (TL) level 7 (TL7)

AIX and DB/2

            Proprietary of IBM gives more mileage. Both provided by IBM

ISERIES/ AS400 with DB/2

            This is also IBM specific which provides more consistency, reliability, mileage than any other operating system and database.



Note: Linux with MaxDB is supported by SAP and provides more leverage (Finance)
Microsoft windows and SQL Server

                        This is the best combination for interactive usage

Installation of Presentation Server (SAPGUI)

                        Use presentation server DVD and go to the respective OS win32 and run setupall.exe and follow the onscreen instructions.

Saplogon icon is installed on the desktop.
Double click and enter the entries of the application server

Launch saplogon icon and click on New Item
Enter the         Description
Application Server
System No