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Create server log files

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Create server log files

How to create the server log files related to comments?


Please follow the steps below in order to create the server log file:

  1. First on the appliacation server navigate to click Start -> All Programs > Administrative Tools > Component Services;
  2. Now click the Component Services > Computers > My Computer > COM+ Applications;
  3. Now select the 'OSoftLogging' component and then expand it and select "Components";
  4. Now right click the on 'OSoft.Services.Platform.Logging.LogHandler' and then click 'Properties';
  5. Now select the "Activation" tab, then please check "Enable object construction" and input "DEBUG" in "Constructor String";
  6. Now click 'OK' and then close the 'Component Services' console;
  7. Now click Start > Run, and then input
  8. Now reproduce the issue which requires the logging
  9. Now the next stap is to launch 'Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio' and then select the AppServer database;
  10. Now open a new SQL Query window
  11. Now type 'SELECT' * FROM tblLogs' in the Query Window and then press "F5" in order to execute;
  12. Now select 'Result' Tab and click the top-left corner header cell in order to select all results.
  13. At last Right-click and select 'Save Results As...' in order to save the log file.