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How to Delete One or More BIA Indexes?

To delete BIA indexes one need to use transaction SE38 which will be used to execute the program either direct or schedule with in background.
Parameters used for this process are as follows:

1. One need to select the Infocubes whose BIA Index you desire to delete.
2. Make sure you really want to delete that BIA index and delete.
3. And finally you need to display application log quickly which allow you to enter that application log directly for every deleted BIA index.

For example you may try the following program:

Step1: Choose the report like, RSDDTREX_INDEX_DELETE which need to delete from the BIA indexes by determining the different as per the cube name.
Step2: Make sure to delete that program and select for delete.
Step3: Display application log quickly and then go to the transaction SE38 for this and enter the name of the report which is RSDDTREX_INDEX_DELETE
 -> Change -> Menu, Goto -> Text Elements -> Selection Texts