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Deletion and control of materials Reservations (PM order)

How can we delete PM materials Reservations in the MM module?

Without using the PM order, can we limit the no. of days to permit the GOODS ISSUE of the PM materials Reservations.

As I'm sure you've found, SAP does not allow manual change to reservations created automatically (e.g.. by PM).

This is to ensure that all the work done by the planners is not simply ignored by the people in the stores. If they want a reservation to be canceled they should call the PM planners who can change the PM order.

You can usually limit the validity period of the reservation in configuration to, for example, 5 days of planned GI date.

In this case, if 5 days have gone by past the planned issue date the deletion flag is automatically set on the reservation. This applies to reservations created by PM.

The transaction in IMG for this is OMBN.

Note that when the PM order is set TECO that the reservations will automatically be deleted.

This is the normal way to control this.