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Difference between Full Charm and Charm Lite functionalities

Full ChaRM Functionality vs ChaRM-Lite Functionality

Full ChaRM Functionality

1) Full ChaRm are the CRM documents (like Normal Change Document SMMJ, Urgent Change Document SMHF, etc.) which are used to trigger TMS jobs and move changes via landscape

2) User can create Transport Requests, Transport Tasks, and Transport of Copies CRM documents or from the Task List

ChaRM-Lite Functionality

1) ChaRM-Lite are those CRM Change Requests or Change documents which are not used 

Note: CRM Change Cycle documents still need to be used

2) This task list can be used by the user as a central way for creating and releasing Transport Requests, as well as other Transport related tasks.

Note: SAP does not encourage the practice of ChaRM-Lite because the ChaRM-Lite has fewer process controls, which can cause additional operational overhead. However, if the user still wants to use ChaRM-Lite then it is recommended for the user to follow the guided procedure at SOLMAN_SETUP for Change Request Management configuration.