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Dynamic File selection in Info package

Manoj || 06 Apr 2014 3:15 pm || 0

1)File will be given to you on every day with date attached to it at the end.

2)Info package should detect the file automatically and load the data at the end of the day.

1) File will be stored in Application Server, So that we can access it through Process chain's.
2) Extraction Tab of Info package. Adapter should be selected as load text type file from application server :- (PATH :- D:\USR\SAP\BI7\DVEBMGS07\WORK\SALE20140403.CSV ). we can see it using AL11 tcode.
3) We need to write Routine from the file upload .

a)P_FILENAME: (Like RESULT in Transforamtion Routines)
File name should be given to P_FILENAME for dynamic selection
b) we need to split the file in to three parts and store in
c )declare three variables dy_var1, dy_var2, dy_var3.
data: dy_var1 (50) type c,
dy_var2(8) type c,
dy_var3(4) type c.
dy_var2 = SY-DATUM
dy_var3 = '.csv'.
CONCATENATE dy_var1 dy_var2 dy_var3 into P_FILENAME.
4) we keep whole Flow in to process chain( it may be any info provider)
5) start process (schedule it daily)-> load process-> .........etc.,
it dynamically selects the file daily and loads the data into info provider.
if you have any doubts please comment below.