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How to Enable INIT With or Without Data Transfer?

Chandan Singh Parihar || 01 Sep 2015 1:35 pm || 2

Hello Experts,

I have one issue with 0MAT_PLANT_ATTR Data Source:

How to enable init with data transfer or init without data transfer. I need with out data transfer, but here disable these radio buttons.

Let me know how can I resolved this issue. Please find the below attached screenshot.

Thanks in advance.


  • 01 Sep 2015 1:37 pm Helpful Answer

    Please Check if you have any initialization in this datasource, then delete it and try to execute again without data transfer. Let me know if you have problems with this.

  • 01 Sep 2015 1:39 pm

    Thanks for your replay Mr. Romil I deleted initialization request in scheduler, then it showing again initialization button and more over if not delete request in scheduler we can see delta but here there is no delta option in info package.