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Error Stack in SAP BI

Guest || 11 Feb 2010 8:21 am || 3


I got to ask a question here regarding error stack in SAP BI. What is the capacity of error stack in SAP BI? Its about DTP error stack.



  • 12 Sep 2010 5:19 pm
    Capcity of error stack is 999999999
  • 29 Sep 2010 5:03 am
  • 07 Oct 2010 3:31 pm
    Error Stack


    A request-based table (PSA table) into which erroneous data records from a data transfer process are written. The error stack is based on the data source, that is, records from the source are written to the error stack.

    At runtime, erroneous data records are written to an error stack if the error handling for the data transfer process is activated. You use the error stack to update the data to the target destination once the error is resolved.

    In the monitor for the data transfer process, you can navigate to the PSA maintenance by choosing Error Stack in the toolbar, and display and edit erroneous records in the error stack.

    With an error DTP, you can update the data records to the target manually or by means of a process chain. Once the data records have been successfully updated, they are deleted from the error stack. If there are any erroneous data records, they are written to the error stack again in a new error DTP request.

    When a DTP request is deleted, the corresponding data records are also deleted from the error stack.