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CX_SY_CREATE_DATA_ERROR Error using the UJBR transactions

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CX_SY_CREATE_DATA_ERROR Error using the UJBR transactions

When we are using the UJBR transactions to backup an application set, either of the following error messages are shown in Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) for NW:

In transaction ST22: 

'CREATE DATA: The specified type '/B28/MWADO5ZQ' is no valid data type'

Backups using UJBR have a status of ‘Canceled’ and when looking at the details, the exception is:


The specified data type may vary from /B28/MWADO5ZQ

Please do as follow:

  • You should ensure that the ABAP user performing the backup has the needed authorizations.
  • To determine what rights are needed for the backup, immediately after the failed backup, run transaction SU53.  This will show you the authorization object you need to add to your user’s profile.
  • Alternatively, the user can be granted SAP_ALL rights.

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