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Difference between INVOICE and BILLING in SAP SD

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Difference between INVOICE and BILLING in SAP SD


Both are the same in SD point of view.

  • In SD terminology we call as Billing Document and
  • In FI terminology we call as INVOICE.
  • In MM again the only INVOICE will be there for Vendors.

Invoice is a document indicating to deliver goods and Billing is a receipt of payment.

If we receive the goods from vendors that is called bill if we give the goods to the customer that is called invoice.

Bill means we have to pay the amount against bill invoice means we have to receive the amount against the invoice.

Invoice is for both: Vendor Invoice and Customer Invoice.


Calculate Billing & Invoice in SAP

  • Billing = Accounts Payable = Goods/Services Received from Suppliers.
  • Invoicing = Accounts Receivable = Goods/Services Delivered to Customers.

Note: According to SAP Contract Accounting partner entity is allowed to be both, or to switch between being creditor and debtor, therefore bills and invoices may well apply to the same third party entities at different times.

Billing Tcodes:

  • VF01 create a billing document. The delivery order comes up auto.
  • VF02 the billing doc comes up auto. View the accounting entries

Invoice Tcodes:

  • FB60 Create an invoice with respect to raw material and tax.
  • FB70 Invoice entries with respect to sales and tax


  • 22 Sep 2011 7:36 pm
    There is no difference between Billing & invoice much.
    Billing Types that represent the different business transactions in billing. SAP has defined various Billing Types e.g. order related billing, delivery related billing, Credit Memo, Debit Memo, Proforma Invoice, Invoice for services rendered, invoice list.
    All billing documents are not invoices but invoice is billing document. 
    Billing document is general term whilst iinvoice refers to specific transaction like credit memo or proforma invoice.
    Billing & invoice can be unpaid or paid. e.g. Advance payment billing where you raise invoice for advance payment. 
    Invoice List contains any tuype of bills together. Its not a single invoice but grouped invoices, credit memo debit memo etc. In SAP you assign Billing Type to Invoice List to group together. e.g. F1 + F2 + G2 +L2= LR
  • 20 Sep 2011 10:14 am
    Invoice is commercial document, which contains details of product, quantity, agreed price, and if any advance payment has been made earlier and given by seller to buyer.
    Bill is a document requesting payment of previous supplied goods or services, commonly used by restaurant, credit care collection etc..
  • 13 Jul 2018 3:06 pm

    Billing is created by finance side people and billing is created on SD side sap business user.

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