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How Do We Find Active Users in SAP?

Hello Experts,

May I know that how do we find active Users in SAP. And In which table we can find this, And which tcode we should use for this procedure.

Kindly share your views. Thanks in advnace.



  • 02 Sep 2015 6:09 pm Abhijeet Mudgal Helpful Answer

    Dear Joyti,

    Active user represent two things.. what's your question.?

    1- currently logged in users in SAP ??
    2- users in SAP with active roles assignment and future validity, ofcourse not admin locked.

    1. tcode AL08 will give all logged in users in SAP (includes all application severs).
    to look for specific applicatio server, log in into specific app-sever via SM51 and execute SM04

    2. to get this data, you will need to extract data USR02.

    Get the entire dump from USR02 table. Filter that table based on lock status, validity and you will have your answer