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Which SAP module is best suited for a Mechanical Engineer ?

Hello SAP Experts,

I am Mechanical Engineer with experience in maintenance. I have worked with manufacturing people but have no hardcore manufacturing experience.

Can SAP(Systems Applications and Products) be a career option for me? If yes then which module should I choose?


  • 26 Jun 2008 11:54 am Shalesh Singh Visen Helpful Answer

    Hi, as you have done Mechanical Engineering i will sugest you to do SAP In Material Management Yes u can take SAP as your Career as it is very good Option.

  • 13 Jul 2008 9:40 am Srinivasarao Helpful Answer

    If you want to take SAP as your career, MM is the best choice for u.

  • 05 Jul 2008 7:31 pm balu
    U completed Mechanical Engineer,first of all what u Interested,Like programming,Administration,what u pref ired then choose the module.bye
  • 02 Oct 2010 11:09 am dev
    hi i am an industrial engg wand want to do SAP course please suggest me which module is good for me or let me know please shoud i go in programing part or in functional moduel
  • 03 Oct 2010 7:25 pm Guest
    hi i am mechanical engineer wants to join SAP but i dont no anything about it. so please suggests me which one is better for me.
  • 13 Nov 2010 5:19 am Guest
    Dear All,

    I am working as a sr.exce.Marketing & Projects.I am purely from mechanical background.I dont have any idea in IT softwares but i am interested in learing SAP.Can anyone help/suggest me which module will be best suitable for me.

  • 13 Dec 2010 2:02 am Guest
    hi i am mechanical engineer wants to join SAP but i dont no anything about it. so please suggests me which one is better for me.
  • 19 Feb 2011 12:01 pm Sushmita
    I am a fresh IT engineer and wants to make my career in SAP. Can anybody please suggest if SAP BI 7.0 is ok for me. And also how is the job market for SAP BI in India and in Dubai?Thanks in advance.Cheers!!
  • 09 Oct 2012 9:32 am Guest
    hi I am a Manual tester in an it company and mechanical engg which sap module will be suitable for me?
  • 12 Oct 2012 12:13 pm Guest
    iam a mechanical engineer wants to join sap but idont no anything about it.i have 6 years experience in Autocad.So please suggest me.
  • 13 Jan 2013 6:18 am Guest
    Hi, is sap a good carrier choice
  • 20 Jan 2013 7:02 am Guest
    My be not essintial to use SAP for Mechnical engineer , CMMS its beter espacialy for maintenance engineers..??
    Regards for all.
  • 21 May 2013 5:24 am Guest
    hi,last month i completed my B.E (mechanical),is SAP a good carrier choice or any other courses are there for my carrier?
  • 04 Jul 2013 7:19 am Guest
    Hi, I jus completed my Mechanical Engg and now i'm a fresher. So which SAP module is best for me? and how is the SAP feild?
  • 13 Dec 2013 11:08 pm Guest
    i am am working as Mechanical Engineer in Tunneling, i was completed my Engineering), and i was completed MBA(master of business administration) in hr&marketing,and i was doing my design).
    I think i want to learn sap, is it useful for me?
    If it is useful, which module can i take.
    Suggest me.
    Thank you.
  • 31 Jan 2015 1:03 pm Guest


       i had done Mechanical Engineering, and too i am intrested in mechanical designing field soo i had done  few courses,and some suggested me to do SAP also,but i had confusion that what module to be selected in SAP.can any one help me please.....!

     Thanking you,

    Kalesha Patan

  • 16 Feb 2016 4:22 pm Munna Trinity

    sir i had done mechanical engineering i have around 18 years exp in cement  ,mechanical field it is useful which module can i take