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Which Sap course will be good for computer science related guy?

hi all,

i am very much interested in doing SAP, so please tell me all about SAP like

whats the SAP all about?

whats the course fee n time period?

when will be the correct time to join it?

what course will be good for computer science related guy?

whats the future scope?


  • 11 Aug 2012 3:13 pm Guest Helpful Answer
    Dude to be honest, SAP is the inthing at this point in time. For one, SAP is all about ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Therefore, SAP really does put emphasize on the business first in whatever your company / enterprise has to do in a very flexible and integrated way.

    All is linked and most of all, SAP believes in industry best-practice. Thus enabling automation of certain tasks that is considered Industry specific. Just as in a company, you have the HR department, FI department, and other department, SAP offers you the same offering in terms of its solution. I know this aint the best explanation but hey it was written in 2 minutes.

    Course fees vary $500 - $ 5000 depending on what your needs are, computer based training, class training or country in which that specific training is carried out. Remember not all SAP education centres offer the same courses, so hmmm you gotta think well of what you want to go into, the business side of the product or the technical side of the product or if your really good do both.