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Import UI Configuration of Cockpit using Backoffice

28 Aug 2017 11:10 am || 0

How to import UI Configuration of Cockpit using BackOffice?


We can import the UI configuration of Cockpit using BackOffice easily by creating a new UI configuration or updating the existing one.

Please follow the steps below for creating a new configuration for Editor Area of Product Cockpit and use it for the 'productmanager' user group.

Creating New Media

  • First, log into the backoffice and then go to Multimedia -> Media -> New Media
  • Now please fill the fields for folder, identifier and Catalog version.

  • Now upload the prepared configuration file into this media and save it you should have something similar to

Import the UI configuration

  • In order to import the UI configuration first go the Cockpit -> Cockpit UI Component Configuration -> Create New UI Configuration.
  • Now fill the fields for Code, Spring Bean ID of Factory, Object template code and select the media which you created in Step1 and then click 'Done' Button.

  • Now open the created UI configuration and select 'productmanagergroup' to Principal

  • Now when you save it then your configuration will be assigned to 'productmanager' group and used for Product type for Editor Area.