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Import UI Configuration of Cockpit using Backoffice

Updated May 19, 2018

How to import UI Configuration of Cockpit using BackOffice?


We can import the UI configuration of Cockpit using BackOffice easily by creating a new UI configuration or updating the existing one.

Please follow the steps below for creating a new configuration for Editor Area of Product Cockpit and use it for the 'productmanager' user group.

Creating New Media

  • First, log into the backoffice and then go to Multimedia -> Media -> New Media
  • Now please fill the fields for folder, identifier and Catalog version.

  • Now upload the prepared configuration file into this media and save it you should have something similar to

Import the UI configuration

  • In order to import the UI configuration first go the Cockpit -> Cockpit UI Component Configuration -> Create New UI Configuration.
  • Now fill the fields for Code, Spring Bean ID of Factory, Object template code and select the media which you created in Step1 and then click 'Done' Button.

  • Now open the created UI configuration and select 'productmanagergroup' to Principal

  • Now when you save it then your configuration will be assigned to 'productmanager' group and used for Product type for Editor Area.