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MB5L report in SAPBW

Transaction MB5l which is also known to be as report RM07MMFI helps you to find out the differences amongst the material values in Material Management (MM), and all the balances of the balance sheet accounts will be displayed in FI. Please make sure that all the current openings will affect all the results of MB5L, for this you have to execute the programs if there Is no kind of postings are taking place, or you must have to verify the related results using the several runs. There are too many reasons which will led to the approved differences.

There might be possibility that you have made the direct F1 postings to material balance sheet accounts.

  • Basically balance sheet accounts are used for operations other than ‘BSX’ in MM account determination.
  • Material documents will exist only if they don’t have any kind of F1 follow on documents, however they have or not.
  • Might be there is source document in material management is missing, or there may be FI documents or other accounting documents.
  • The account purpose for balance sheet accounts in MM modifying was altered.

If you do not set the “Totals only” indicator in transaction MB5L, you can also display the related detailed view for the G/L accounts.  Moreover the dataset is to be executed is then significantly higher in comparison to the selected “totals only”. Specifically, displaying the values in the color in the full view will generate a tremendously high administrative workload in relation with the volume of the data that the system must process.