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Overage SAP Consultant join SAP at the age of 45

One of my relative is financial guy and he is MBA, he wish to switch in SAP field and wants to SAP certification in FI, please note that he age is 45 years.

I need your expert advice that will it be suitable for him to switch the carrier, if it is suitable than there is a chance to get good opportunities either consultancy firm or manufacturing firm?


  • 11 Mar 2010 1:49 am Shalesh Singh Visen Best Answer
    It is never too late to change careers. I am a CPA and MBA. I was a financial consultant for over 20 years and switched into SAP FI/CO. I got certified at age 50. Now, I am a specialist in RE-FX which is a sub-module of FI/Accounting.

    Tell your relative that if will not be easy to get a good opportunity right away, but he will have to work hard to succeed. If he does that, he could be successful.
  • 12 Mar 2010 1:55 am Shalesh Singh Visen
    You have not mentioned about the experience he posses and the current possition in the operation field. In my opinion, their is no age limit for the desirable candidate, but considering the current status too!!!

    If he has more than 15 years experience out of which at least 8-10 years in managerial capicity. The man idea is that a man possess good decission skils may certainly successeed into this SAP stream, if recognised!!
  • 14 Mar 2010 2:04 am Shalesh Singh Visen
    Thank you very much of all of you for precious advice, majority are suggesting to go for it and there is no age limit, however, he is having experience more than 18 years in financial field.

    I'm really sorry to disturb you guys,

    After getting valuable advices from experts, I need another following information.

    1. How he can get the materials for studies, some website to practice the questionnaire of SAP exams or some books etc, as he doesn't want to attend any academy.

    2. What is the best way or fast track to appear in certification exams.

    Look forward from you soon.
  • 14 Mar 2010 2:26 am Guest
    I am not convinced with your notes. I have about 30 years of core working experience in Financial accounting and costing out of which I hold a very responsible position as a Finance Manager for the past say about 15 years in a manufacturing company reporting to the CEO/MD of the company and leading a team of Accounting professionals reporting to me. I have been trained by a very authentic and real time SAP Professional working with a high tech Software company to pursue my career as FI/CO Consultant. I have attended to several interviews and inspite of my experience and man management ability I am denied even the entry level in the profession. I maintain very good health and am 52 years now and I opine that employer look more at my age than my ability and management skills.
  • 14 Mar 2010 2:32 am Shalesh Singh Visen
    I agree with your points and concerns. I am in the profession of recruiting, I talk to several candidates on a day to day basis entry level to Seniors like yourself.

    I think, in my opinion a hiring manager will see the attitude and the team-work spirit in a person while hiring... it is but natural that a kid (as in fresher to say 2-3 years of exp) will be more aggressive and pretend smarter and cause irritation to more matured consultants' like you, and in such cases the chances of the team-work will get affected... hence, I think when you attend an interview it is important that you NOT just talk about your managerial skills (which shows that you like to dominate/delegate) but also actively participate in day to day activities and work very closely at junior level people and if needbe roll up your sleeves and do the role of an entry level .... that would give the HM some assurance that you are (a) multi-tasking and (b) great attitude and (c) your experience will add value functionally to the team and the project

    I am very sure, people will look at you or anyone that demonstrates that experience and the right attitude... :)

    No offense meant whatsoever

    AJAY - Your uncle can venture out if he has that zeal and enthusiasm - google up for material, I am sure, there are loads of information out there
  • 14 Mar 2010 2:36 am Shalesh Singh Visen
    There are not many short cuts in life. If he wants something, he will have to make the effort, work hard and earn it. There are no free lunches out there.

    I had probably the best possible financial background (B. Com (Hons) with #3 in Delhi University, Merit list in Higher Secondary, CA, MBA from IIM Ahmedabad) and experience in all kinds of financial accounting, taxation, international middle management and investment banking, that anyone can have from India.

    Still, I had to go through SAP Academy and spend over $30,000 to get the knowledge I needed to call myself a "beginner SAP FI/CO Consultant". Then I had to chop along until I was recognized by others on project teams. Once I got the recognition, I was able to get lucrative assignments through referrals. Now, I am able to dictate my own price.

    SAP materials can be obtained easily from any of us, willing to share. However, SAP certification, specially in India, is only available after attending an SAP Academy course.

    Please tell your relative that he will have to attend some course where he can actually work with the SAP system. You can not learn what you need to become a successful FI/CO consultant just by reading course materials.

    If he does not want to make any kind of investment (time and money) then he should stay where he is.
  • 16 Mar 2010 2:50 am Shalesh Singh Visen
    Thank you so much for your suggestion. You have rightly said, I shall and can do all that you suggested me to follow only when an oppurtunity is struck and not with out that.
  • 16 Mar 2010 2:51 am Shalesh Singh Visen
    Perfectly right.
    Attitude will be big stone on the way
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  • 17 Mar 2010 2:15 am Shalesh Singh Visen
    SAP Material is proprietary material and it is not available freely. However this there are several places on the net where you can find it. One place I found was in CMA India group under group owner(ICWA). But the catch is you should be the member of the group to obtain it. Those pursuing FI/CO can benefit from this.

    There was one more question some one asked regarding direct certification.

    Guys SAP allows direct certification, if some one has worked for SAP for at least for 2 years. In India, the Institutes are like Mafias. They will never allow you. Country like Pakistan this is allowed. In Middle East this is allowed. It is allowed in Europe. US I am not sure.

    There is a solution for this. Those who have worked on SAP for at least 2 years and want direct certification and if the Institute is not allowing you, please write to SAP Germany.
  • 18 Sep 2011 4:41 pm sunil
    sir, I am working in pharmaceutical company as an executive(accounts).I want to join the sap(fi)course but my age is 46 years. I am not satisfied with my current job so I want to change my job after sucessfully compliting sap(fi) consulatant(approx.after six months) course. Kindly guide me about my decigion & also comment me of my age factor.

  • 14 Feb 2014 8:06 am Guest


    I am SCM professional having 10 yrs experience at IAF and now currently incharge of logistics operations in a MNC., My age is 41 and i have selected in a cmpy for SAP Support..someone., pls confirm whether is it worth shiftng the career at this age..