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Using Object Lists on Maintenance Plans/Items

Guest || 19 Sep 2008 2:16 am || 1

I wonder if someone could help me.  We are using object lists on our Maintenance plans (held against the Maintenance Item) to hold a number of functional locations to which scheduled maintenance is required.  We link our maintenance plan to a task list, which has the cost of the maintenance task per functional location (e.g. $100 for chimney cleans for each building).  The only way that we could see of multiplying up the planned cost by the number of functional locations in the object list, was to use the execution factor (on the task list operation).  This however means that you cannot use the same task list for different maintenance plans (as there may be a difference number of flocs in the object list) and it also means that you have to manually change the execution factor if you add or delete floc from your object list.

Does anyone know a smarter way to do this? 



  • 28 Jul 2010 7:00 pm
    Have you considered assigning multiple Maintenance Items to a single Maintenance Plan? This will create separate orders for each item while allowing you schedule the single Maintenance Plan.