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PLM WUI Interview Question and Answers

Updated Jun 28, 2018

PLM WUI Documents FAQs

How is Creation, Change and Display of Document Info Records different in PLM WUI Documents?

  • In the Change/Display initial screen, if the version field is left blank, then SAP DMS uses the initial version to proceed whereas in the PLM WUI Documents the latest version is used.
  • In SAP DMS, new version of a document is created by copying the latest version available. But in PLM WUI Documents, there is the option to select any existing version as the template for the document creation. Therefore, in this case PLM WUI gives users the extra flexibility to select from any of the previous versions or using the template in the pop up that is shown.

How are Long text and Short text (Description of Document Info Records) different in PLM WUI Documents?

  • In PLM WUI Documents Long text and Short text(Document Description) are completely independent of each other.
  • In PLM WUI Documents Long text can be set even if the text has less than 40 Characters and this does not over write the Document Description of the Document Info Record.
  • In SAP DMS, if we have Longtext, the first 40 characters are copied to Document Description which does not happen in PLM WUI Documents.

How are Originals related operations performed in PLM WUI Documents?

  • When displaying an original in PLM WUI Documents, it will be downloaded to the path specified in the field 'File Path' in the section 'Originals' of the Document Info Record, whereas SAP DMS downloads the file to the path specified in DC20 customizing for a given data carrier (Example 'PC' etc.)
  • As mentioned in point 2 above, instead of the ECL viewer (in SAP DMS) PLM WUI Documents uses Visual Enterprise Viewer maintained via the DC30 customizing. Thus, it is not possible to maintain two programs to be used for a given workstation application type for a given data carrier (Example 'PC'). For example, it is not possible to maintain customizing if you want to use Viewer A with Workstation application type XXX in SAP DMS and Viewer B for the same Workstation application type in PLM WUI Documents without using a different Data Carrier.
  • The entry %VIEWER-CONTROL% %SAPPROVIS% has to be maintained in transaction DC30 for a given workstation application type to use Visual Enterprise Viewer.
  • Redlining option in PLM WUI with the Visual Enteprise Viewer is supported from PLM WUI 7.01 (Ehp5) onwards.
  • As PLM WUI Documents works along side the ACF delivered as part of Netweaver, the whitelist/certificate configurations have to be done in order to perform operations related to file upload/download, check-in/check-out etc.

How does PLM WUI Documents and customizing provided via transaction DC10 work?

PLM WUI Documents and transaction DC10 customizing for a given Document type:

  • In PLM WUI Documents one can navigate to the Object Navigator via the YCA (You can Also) Menu to view the linked objects.
  • In PLM WUI Documents the customizing settings '1:n ratio' Check for object links works like in SAP DMS but the message shown for this setting is thrown to the user after the save of the Document Info Record is triggered by clicking the save button.
  • The Flag 'Change Docs' for a given document type controls the display of changes done to a Document info Record. In PLM WUI Documents the 'Display Changes' option is available.
  • The customizing setting 'Archiving Authorization' is not relevant in PLM WUI Documents as non KPRO storage is not supported.

Why should one have to use the 'Use KPRO' flag for document types used in PLM WUI Documents?

PLM WUI Documents uses the ACF and supports only KPRO storage. Non KPRO storage via SAP DB, Vault and Archive is not supported in PLM WUI Documents. Hence in the customizing transaction DC10, for a given Document type, the 'Use KPro' flag has to be checked/enabled.

Is the switch available via the transaction DCSWITCH relevant to PLM WUI Documents?

The features made available in ECC 6.0 related to ACL, Document browser and Thumbnails (enabled with the transaction 'DCSWITCH') are not available in PLM WUI Documents. However, a new Document Browser is available as a separate OIF application from PLM WUI 7.02 onwards. Thumbnails are also available directly with PLM WUI Documents from 7.0 without having to enable any separate switch. Via Access Control Context (ACC), the concept of ACLs is also realized.

How can one link Document Info Records and Engineering Change Records?

In PLM WUI Documents it is not possible to link an ECR (Engineering Change Record) in creating/change mode of the Document Info Record. The same is possible from the ECR side.

How can Generic Parameters be defined for the Work environment in PLM WUI?

Setting parameters in Work Environment can be done as given below:

Go to SPRO and navigate as given below:
=>Logistics - General
=>Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
=>PLM Web User Interface
=>PLM Web Applications
=>PLM Tools and Web Access
=>Define Generic Parameters for Work Environment