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Post multi tab html document to Content Library

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Post multi tab html document to Content Library

How to post multi-tab HTML document to Content Library?


The BPC design only allows us to post single documents without links on Contents Library. Therefore it is impossible to directly upload a functional export of a multi-sheet Excel document exported as multi-file HTML.

Therefore in order to post multi-tab document with links to the external files indirectly on web server please follow the steps below:

  • Please first upload every files from the multi-file HTML export to Contents Library.
  • Now from the Web folders folder on BPC server please change the posted HTML files and fix the links to each external file in order to point the right posted file in the Contents Library.

In simple words, first post the main HTML file and then copy each referred file on the BPC web server and manually fix each link to point to the right file. Then set the right permissions for each and every copied file on the BPC Web server.

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