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Add a New Field to an existing Screen

Problem: For CS Notifications what are the ways for creating new fields within an existing screen. Within service notification I want to add a field 'technician name', but not sure where in config I do this.


First see if you can do it with configuration.

IMG Settings for notifications: 

Plant Maintenance and Customer Service 
-Maintenance and Service Processing 
--Maintenance and Service Notifications 
---Notification Creation 
----Notification Types 
-----Set Screen Templates for the Notification Type (set sub-screen 080) 

You will need to implement a screen exit if you want to add a new field to an existing screen.

Below are the enhancements. You will be interested in user subscreens. But, gave you the list as it may be useful for you in the future.

Area: Maintenance and service notifications 

•IWOC0001 Creation of maintenance/service notification: Determination of reference object 
•IWOC0002 Maintenance/service notification: Check permission for status change 
•IWOC0003 Maintenance/service notification: Authorization check for reference object and planner group 
•IWOC0004 Change ALV settings for list editing of PM/QM/CS 
•ICSV0002 Automatic task determination for service notifications 
•ICSV0004 Check reference object and display object information 
•QQMA0001 User subscreen for notification header 
•QQMA0008 User subscreen for additional data for notification item 
•QQMA0010 User subscreen for additional data for cause 
•QQMA0011 User subscreen for additional data for task 
•QQMA0012 User subscreen for additional data for activity 
•QQMA0014 Checks before saving notification 
•QQMA0015 Customer exit before calling up F4 Help for catalog 
•QQMA0016 Function "User data" - menu "Goto -> Tasks" 
•QQMA0017 Function "User data" - menu "Goto -> Activity" 
•QQMA0018 Scheduling according to entry of priority 
•QQMA0019 Default partner when adding notification 
•QQMA0021 Function "User data" - menu "Goto" 
•QQMA0022 Function "User data" - menu "Goto -> Cause" 
•QQMA0023 Function "User data" - menu "Goto -> Item" 
•QQMA0024 Deactivation of function codes in CUA menu 
•QQMA0025 Default values when adding notification 
•QQMA0026 Authorization check when entering notification transaction 
•QQMA0027 Default values when adding task 

Area: Maintenance and service orders 

•IWO10001 Creation of maintenance sub-order 
•IWO10002 Maintenance order: Customer check for order release 
•IWO10004 Maintenance order: Customer check for order completion 
•IWO10005 Maintenance order: Customer-specific determination of profit center 
•IWO10006 Maintenance order: Exclusion of function codes through customer enhancements 
•IWO10007 Maintenance order: Customer enhancement for permits in order 
•IWO10008 Maintenance order: Determination of tax jurisdiction code 
•IWO10009 Maintenance order: Customer check for "Saving" 
•IWO10010 Maintenance order: Determination of WBS element 
•IWO10011 Maintenance order: Component selection 
•IWO10012 Maintenance order: Priority treatment on central header 
•IWO10015 Maintenance order: F4 Help for user fields on operation 
•IWO10016 Maintenance order: Check of operation user fields 
•IWO10017 Determination of external order number by customer logic 
•IWO10018 Maintenance order: User fields on order header 
•IWO10020 Maintenance order: Automatic inclusion of task list 
•IWO10021 Automatic task list transfer for order creation for notification 
•IWO10022 Determine calendar from customer exit 
•IWO10023 Service order: Changes to header data for advance shipment 
•IWO10024 Service order: Changes to items for advance shipment 
•IWO10025 Maintenance/service order: Determination of responsible cost center 
•IWO10026 User check when setting status "Do not perform" 
•IWO10027 Generate user-specific settlement rule 
•IWO10029 Inclusion of bill of material in maintenance/service order 
•IWO10030 Pre-filling the fields for the result object 
•IWO10031 Hiding the employee number in the maintenance-/service order 
•IWO10033 Customer-specific authorization check maintenance-/service order (triggered by BAdI IWO1_ORDER_BADI) 
•IWO10034 Operation status based on the status of the capacity requirement 
•COI20001 Change of persons determined 
•COI20002 Alternative procurement of the employee availability data 
•CYPP0001 Change of the sequential criteria and the sequential planning 
•IWO20001 Maintenance order: Task list transfer in order 
•ICSV0004 Check maintenance object and display object information 
•CNEX0013 Maintenance order: Proposal for item category for component assignment 
•CNEX0026 Maintenance order: General check for material 
•CNEX0027 Maintenance order: Determination of plant or storage location for component 
•COZF0001 Maintenance order: Change purchase requisition for external operation 
•COZF0002 Maintenance order: Change purchase requisition for external component 

Area: Maintenance order confirmations 

•CONF0001: Deactivation of functions 
•CONFPM01: Determine customer-specific default values 
•CONFPM02: Customer-specific entry checks 1 
•CONFPM03: Customer-specific check by operation selection 
•CONFPM04: Customer-specific entry checks 2 
•CONFPM05: Customer-specific additions when saving 
•CMFU0001: Determine customer-specific screen layout 
•CMFU0002: Set parameters for time confirmation and goods movements 


  • 15 May 2008 3:22 am Guest
    Hello Friends

    I create a sales order from a service order using the Advance shipment. The service order no (AUFNR) is stored in the VBAK table when it is saved.

    I need the VBAK-AUFNR to be automatically populated to the Order (AUFNR) field in the Item-Account Assignment tab upon saving the sales order.

    Is there an user exit which would populate the service order no to the Order field of the Item-Accouting Assignment tab ? If so what is the user exit.

    Thanks and Kind Regards
  • 21 Oct 2009 11:11 pm Guest
    Thanks a lot.

    Alan Wake.