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How to create and use Expected Goods Receipt?

Updated May 18, 2018

Hello Experts,

I am having this queries, kindly share your views on it.

How do I use the expected goods receipt?

How can I create an expected goods receipt?

Thanks in advance.


  • 03 Jul 2015 10:24 am rekha Helpful Answer

    The expected goods receipt is a copy of the purchase order data or order data from the ERP system to the EWM system. The document serves as a copy template for the ERP data in EWM so that a delivery can be created easily and without the risk of input errors.
    If you do not have an inbound delivery for a physical inbound delivery, you can create one in the EWM system from items of an expected goods receipt. You can use transaction /SCWM/GRPE (inbound delivery for purchase order) or transaction /SCWM/GRPI (inbound delivery for production order) to select suitable items. You can then use drag and drop to create an inbound delivery or add items to an existing inbound delivery.
    When you save the inbound delivery, the EWM system sends the new inbound delivery to the ERP system.

  • 03 Jul 2015 10:27 am Shalesh Singh Helpful Answer

    If you want to test the process first, we recommend that you run the report /SPE/INB_EGR_CREATE in the ERP system. This report assists you by providing a test mode and the log for setting up the process. If the log shows that the expected goods receipt has been successfully distributed to the EWM system, you can use the parameters to test and schedule the regular job in EWM.

    To set the EGR in a productive system, it makes sense to schedule the report for deleting existing expected goods receipts and creating new expected goods receipts as a background job. You can find various options for doing this in the ERP/EWM system in the documentation.