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Job Profile & Salary Package for SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management Consultant

Updated May 18, 2018

SAP SCM is a customized product which covers the functionalities of Supply chain network, planning, coordination, procurement, advanced planning and optimization. The certification in course opens path for highly paid jobs in eminent organizations which use SAP as an ERP product to improvise the organization business process.

The SAP SCM certification fetches a job of SCM trainer, SCM consultants, SCM senior Consultants, SCM analyst, SCM Manager etc. The SCM professionals are one among the highly paid professional acroos the organization. The salaries of the professionals vary in accordance t the working enterprises or organizations and according to the skills and experience of the candidates.
The average salaries of SAP SCM professional in India is from the range of 15 to 25 lacs p.a and can go till 1.8 M worldwide after gaining experiences and skills.

TCS SCM average salary is of about 15.5 lac p.a and that of Dabur India Ltd. Is about 23 lacs p.a some of the top paying companies in India are Bharat petroleum corporation ltd, Nokia Siemens Network pvt ltd.


  • 27 Nov 2014 12:56 am Jyotiranjan Moharana

    What is current job scenario of Sap professionals in Bhubaneswar