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SCM (Supply Chain Management) Interview Questions

How to transfer data to SCM system from SAP ERP system?

In order to transfer master and transaction data to SCM system from ERP system, we need to define an integration model. After we create an integration model, the system will automatically generate a new version of this model.

Define ASN (Advance Shipping Notice)?

ASN (Advance Shipping Notice) is a kind of notice which is sent to the customer reganding the detailed shipment information in advance of delivery. This noctice may also include informations related to carrier and shipment such as shipment time, expected arrival time.

Distinguish between Supply Chain Collaboration and Supply Chain Coordination?

Supply Chain Collaboration is used for making collaborative forecasts and agreements whereas Supply Chain Coordination components in Supply Chain are used to coordinate the exchange of data between different business units.

What are the different stake holders in Supply chain process?

The stake holders in Supply chain process are:

  • Manufacturer
  • Business Partners
  • Suppliers
  • Retailers
  • Customers

SAP SCM process enables manufacturer, customers, suppliers, business partners and retailers to connect and manage supply chain process efficiently.

How do you estimate the MRP run in SCM system?

Please use T-code MD04T to evaluate MRP run in SCM system. MRP run helps users to see current stock and planned receipts.

What are the common data types in SAP Supply Chain Master?

The common data types in SAP Supply Chain Master are:

  • BOM
  • Work Center
  • Material Master
  • Routing

How can we change the PDS data in Supply Chain process?

In order to change the PDS data, first it should be changed in data of SAP ERP and then we have to generate the production data structure PDS with the help SAP APO core interface CIF.

Define use of alert monitor in Supply Chain Monitoring?

  • Alert Monitor can be used to check and monitor whether your application is running without any issues.
  • Alert Monitor can also be used as alert profiles in order to specify in what situations the system reports the problem.
  • Alert monitor also monitor all the alerts which have occurred, and moves the application directly in order to see the problem.

What are the SCM applications which support the use of alert monitor?

The Alert Monitor can be used in these applications:

  • Advanced Planning and Optimization
  • SAP Forecasting and Replenishment
  • Extended Warehouse Management