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SAP SRM 7.0 Records Management

11 Jul 2013 6:30 pm || 0 Download


1. Workshop Ground Rules

2. Workshop Guiding Principles

3. Workshop Objectives

4. Workshop Agenda in Detail

5. Workshop Roles

6. Workshop Content

7. Workshop Wrap-up

Workshop Ground Rules

* All participants should be familiar with the requirements and the topics to be covered;
* The workshop scribe is responsible for documenting the parking lot issues and follow up questions;
* The workshop facilitators are responsible for keeping the discussion centered on the topic being discussed. If an issue is determined that cannot be resolved during the workshop, the facilitator will note the issue for future resolution and enter it into the workshop output document; and
* Parking of discussion item if the required knowledge is not in the room.

Workshop Guiding Principles

– Demonstrate how requirements are met using Standard SAP functionality
– Utilize standard SAP functionality (80/20 rule)
– Avoid the “what won’t work” mindset

Essential to dos:
•Review Business Process Model
•Update/Create process Flow Diagrams
•WS Output Documents
•Identify RICEFW Objects
•Solution Manager:
•Create Business Blueprint documents
•Identify Issues and Risks

– Be attentive and open minded
– Explore questions and answers
– Encourage input from other participants
– Refrain from absolutes and mandates
– Focus on current issue being discussed
– Avoid “war stories”
– Manage cell phone, pagers & interruptions
– Keep the conversations to one at a time

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