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What is Milestone Confirmation?

rekha || 27 Nov 2007 7:23 am || 2

Once the operation is Milestone confirmation operation and it is getting cofirmed, then all the preceding operation up to untill the previous milestone operation gets confirmed automatically.


  • 09 Dec 2012 7:12 am Helpful Answer

    Milestone confirmation is a special form of confirmation,in which the confirmation of one operation causes other operations or sub operations to be automatically confirmed at the same time. 

    Milestones are the operations that have the corresponding indicator in the control key. Operations can be defined as Milestone operations in their control keys.If a milestone operation is confirmed,then previous operations are automatically confirmed.

  • 31 Jan 2013 1:24 pm Helpful Answer
    Confirmation of one operation caused another operation to be automatically confirmed is known as milestone conformation.