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Wipro vs Accenture : Which one is better company to work with?

01 Dec 2009 11:59 am || 6


I am 5 years exp as java dev.

I have got job offer from both Wipro and accenture. Accenture, I do not know project. Wipro- In Citius business, which they acquired last year. Which one is better. Please include all type of criteria.. like work culture, manager's attitude, pay and perks. Especially, recession time reaction is important. This shows .. how much they have in for employees.

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  • 07 Feb 2011 10:45 am Best Answer
    Accenture is much batter then Wipro
  • 03 Sep 2010 11:43 pm Helpful Answer
    you must be a popodum, comparing Wipro to Accenture is like comparing a tok tok in Delhi to an Aston Martin in Mayfair London
  • 04 Sep 2010 12:51 am
    so please tell us which is Tok Tok and which is Mayfair
  • 12 Aug 2016 4:05 am

    Wipro is the worst company on the away as fast as you can.


  • 24 Sep 2016 8:45 am

    Go for Accenture. ACN is the best company.

  • 24 Sep 2016 8:46 am

    Accenture is better than Wipro