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403 Forbidden Error in GTS NWBC (Netweaver Business Client)

Updated May 18, 2018

A 403 Forbidden error is being displayed on Web Browser while accessing areas of GTS NWBC (Netweaver Business Client) 

Accessing Areas where this error occurs:

  • Customs - Export
  • Customs - Import
  • Import Control
  • Export Control
  • Classification
  • Environment
  • Special Customs Procedures
  • Goods Movement Subject to Excise Duties
  • SAP Global Trade Services
  • SAP Netweaver Business Client


The above error has occurred because the services for the WEBGUI, SYSTEM and IAC have not been published. Therefore to resolve the issue we need to publish the parameters for all three services WEBGUI, SYSTEM and IAC.

To publish the services for the WEBGUI, SYSTEM and IAC do the followings:

  • Go to transaction SE80
  • In the dropdown box of transaction, SE80 select "Internet Service".
  • Then type the <service> e.g  WEBGUI in the input field and press enter
  • Now Publish the Parameters using (Shift + F1)
  • A message "Object published successfully. Site: INTERNAL" will be shown on the screen which means the service has been published
  • Follow the same steps to publish the parameters for all 3 services WEBGUI, SYSTEM and IAC