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Setup Email Notification Functionality in BPC NW 10.x

Updated May 18, 2018

How can we configure the email notification functionality of Business process flow (BPF) in BPC NW 10.x?


From BW backend:

  • First please maintain the SMTP connection setting from SAPconnect Administration screen
  • Now double-click the SMTP node from transaction SCOT.
  • And then input the Mail Port, Code Page and Mail Port according to the needs of customer's network in the pop-up dialogue screen.

Note: You can also test the SMTP setting using telnet by following the instruction in SAP Document 607108 Problem Analysis while sending or receiving an e-mail.

  • You should also assign the e-mail address to BPC service user directly in the BW user profile. Therefore from the transaction SU01 for user BPC_SERVICE enter a valid email address which will be used as the sender of the BPF e-mail notification.
  • Please refer SAP 2206608 in order to customize the email templates
  • The default language of defined by parameter zcsa/system_language should be used for creating your Smartforms template.

From BPC administration client:

  • After deciding the dimension which will be used to store owners and (optionally) the reviewers of the BPF steps create a BPF template which should trigger e-mail notification.The dimension entity is mostly used for this purpose. Opposing the work status which expects the owners property to be named owner, the owner property for Business Process Flows can be named according to your wish. The Same situation is true for the reviewer property you can also name it according to your needs. 
  • Therefore now simply add all these properties to the appropriate dimension.  
  • Now maintain the dimension members in order to assign the owners and reviewers with a valid BPC username(s) or team(s). Multiple names and teams can be entered by you with commas. Please input the team names within square brackets and then save and process the dimension.

Note: Admin parameters such as 'SMTPAUTH','SMTPSERVER' are not required in BPC NW 10.x unlike  BPC 7.X version.