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SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Support Package

Updated May 19, 2018

I/ .... General Information
II/ ... Tools to import/apply Support Packages
III/ .. Corrections to the SP Stack Guide - NW 7.0

Change log
18/MAR/08...III.....IBM i5/OS: SAP Kernel and IGS are updated manually
15/JAN/08...III.....ST22: Many shortdumps "LOAD_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND"
11/JAN/08...III.....MaxDB only: TASK LIMIT error
28/NOV/07...III.....IBM DB2 for z/OS: Conversion currently not possible
12/SEP/07...III.....PI/XI SPS13: SDM aborts with signal SIGSEGV
30/MAY/07...III.....SPS11: Deployment failure with CAF
23/MAY/07...III.....SPS12: Patch level of MaxDB
05/MAR/07...III.....BI Java SPS11
05/DEC/06...III.....EP SPS10: Deployment failure of SAP EU 7.00
25/OCT/06...III.....UME properties interrupted after an update
10/OCT/06...III.....Securing CAF UI configuration files
04/OCT/06...III.....SPS09: KMC update on Oracle aborts due to a Java Dictionary issue
19/SEP/06...III.....SPS09: BI post-configuration using CTC
30/MAY/06...III.....Updating a Java system with Dialog Instances
10/MAY/06...III.....ABAP + Java: JSPM restarts ABAP
10/APR/06...III.....SPS07: JSPM hangs on while starting the J2EE Engine
12/JAN/06...III.....SPS05: Deployment failure with CAF EU SPS05
16/DEC/05...III.....SPS05: IGS patch file missing in the download
06/DEC/05...III.....SPS05: Error during the CAF deployment
24/OCT/05...III.....Information on update to SPS04

I/ General Information
The Support Package Stack Guide to SAP NetWeaver 7.0 will be available as of SP Stack 05 by the scheduled release date at
The most current versions of the SP Stack Guide:

  • SPS05: 1.01
  • SPS06: 1.01
  • SPS07: 1.01
  • SPS08: 1.01
  • SPS09: 1.01
  • SPS10: 1.01
  • SPS11: 1.00
  • SPS12: 1.01
  • SPS13: 1.00
  • SPS14: 1.01
  • SPS15: 1.00

Participate in the Java Update and Upgrade Survey and Earn SDN Points!
Your experience with the SAP NetWeaver upgrade and update tools - SAPJup and JSPM - helps us to improve the tools. A short survey is your chance to influence the further development of the tools. You can find all the details and the link to the survey at:

II/ Tools to import/apply Support Packages
To import ABAP Support Packages, you use the Support Package Manager. For more information, see SAP Note 822379 - Known problems with Support Packages in SAP NW 7.0 AS ABAP.
To apply Java Support Packages, you use the Java Support Package Manager. For more information, see SAP Note 891983 - JSPM: Central note SAP NW 7.0 AS Java.

III/ Corrections to the SP Stack Guide - NW 7.0
----------------------<I031257, 18/MAR/08>-----------------------------
If your operating system is IBM i5/OS, you need to update the SAP Kernel and SAP IGS manually. To update the kernel, proceed as described in SAP Note 912575. To update the IGS, proceed as described in SAP Note 937000.

----------------------<D022642, 15/JAN/08>-----------------------------
After applying SPS14 or Kernel 700 patch level 133 to an ABAP system, in transaction ST22 many short dumps of type "LOAD_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND" may occur with the short text:
Program "SAPLSALI"  not found.
You must update to at least Kernel 700 PL135 or higher once it is available on SAP Service Marketplace. See SAP Note 1105125
for more details.

----------------------<D024848, 11/JAN/08>-----------------------------
When applying Support Packages to a Java system with MaxDB as the underlying database, the system may issue a TASK LIMIT error if the configured number of database sessions (parameter  MAXUSERTASKS) is no longer sufficient. To prevent this, proceed as follows prior to starting the update procedure:
Check the value of the MAXUSERTASKS database parameter.
The following rule of thumb applies for setting the MAXUSERTASKS value:
MAXUSERTASKS = 2* <number of work processes> + 4
If your value of MAXUSERTASKS was set to a lower number, change it according to this formula (at least 85 is recommended) and restart the database. For more information, see SAP Note 757914.

----------------------<D020040, 28/NOV/07>-----------------------------
When applying Support Packages to a Java system on IBM DB2 for z/OS, the JSPM may abort with the following error message:
Info: E R R O R ******* (DbModificationManager)
Info: ... dbs-Error:  Table ... Conversion currently not possible
See SAP Note 989868 for details and workaround.

----------------------<D037666, 12/SEP/07>-----------------------------
When updating PI/XI system to SPS13, and JVM from IBM is used, SDM may crash due to JVM errors. See SAP Note 1043512 and 1024539 for workaround and recommended settings.

----------------------<D037666, 23/MAY/07>-----------------------------
When updating to SPS11, you may encounter deployment failure. If the
error message resembles (java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:javax/jdo/spi/PersistenceCapable), see SAP Note 1059751 for workaround.

----------------------<D037666, 23/MAY/07>-----------------------------
When updating an ABAP system to SPS12, if the underlying database is
MaxDB 7.6.xx, please update the MaxDB to at least the version first, before you can apply SPS12 to your SAP system. See Note 649814 on how to update MaxDB.

----------------------<D037666, 05/MAR/07>-----------------------------
The SPS11 PL0 for the Usage Type BI Java inadvertently contains errors that have already been fixed with one of the higher Patch Level of SPS09or SPS10, respectively. You must directly apply the PL1 or higher of SPS11. See SAP Note 1033468 for more details.

----------------------<D037666, 05/DEC/06>-----------------------------
When updating your EP system to SPS10, the deployment of the software Component SAP EU 7.00 might fail. See SAP Note 1006153 for more details and workaround.

----------------------<D037666, 25/OCT/06>-----------------------------
The UME user mappings are interrupted after the update of systems based on Application Server Java which are installed using SR0/SR1 versions of the NetWeaver installation tool (SAPinst) due to UME encryption settings. One indication is that pages are rendered incorrectly.
You can correct this error either before or after the update as described in SAP Note 984683.

----------------------<D037666, 10/OCT/06>-----------------------------
If you have developed CAF applications in the system to be updated, you must back up the UI configuration files before the update takes place by downloading the configurations of all UIs from http://<host>:<port>/caf -> User Interface Configuration -> Repository Backup.
After the update process, you can restore all configurations by uploading the configuration files at http://<host>:<port>/caf -> User Interface Configuration -> Repository Restore.

----------------------<D037666, 04/OCT/06>-----------------------------
When updating a Java system with EP, the deployment of KMC components on Oracle aborts due to an error of Java Dictionary, implement the workaround described in SAP Note 978042.

----------------------<D037666, 19/SEP/06>-----------------------------
When configuring BI using CTC template after the update to SPS09, you might encounter problems. See SAP Note 923359 for workaround.

----------------------<D037666, 30/MAY/06>-----------------------------
When updating a Java system with dialog instances from SPS06 or lower SP stacks, an error could occur during starting JSPM. See SAP Note 941627 for workaround.

----------------------<D037666, 10/MAY/06>-----------------------------
When applying Support Packages to a Java system, the JSPM will restart the system to make the changes effective. In of case of a dual stack system (ABAP + Java), the ABAP part will be restarted too.

------------------------<I031420, 10/APR/06>---------------------------
When updating the NetWeaver AS Java to SPS07 on Windows platforms, JSPM cannot restart the engine under some circumstances due to wrong starting parameters of the CCMSR a agent.See SAP Note 933687 for the solution.

----------------------<D037666, 12/JAN/06>-----------------------------
SPS05: Under some circumstances the update to SPS05 fails upon the deployment of the software component CAF EU which is included in the usage type EP. In this case you must apply the patch at least PL 2 of CAF EU SP05 which can be downloaded at -> Enter by Application Group ->  SAP NetWeaver -> SAP NETWEAVER -> SAP NETWEAVER 7.0 (2004S) -> Enter by Component -> Enterprise Portal (EP) -> CAF EU 7.00 -> #OS independent. Proceed as follows:

    1. Copy the downloaded patch to the JSPM inbox.
    2. Choose the button New Deployment and select the option Single Support Packages.
    3. In the subsequent screen choose the appropriate patch level of the software component CAF EU in the drop-down list Target SP Level and choose the button Next. (Skip all other components that has not been deployed yet.)
    4. If the specified deploy queue is appropriate, choose Next to start the deployment.
    5. After the patch has been applied, you can restart the stack update with JSPM by choosing the button New Deployment. JSPM will deploy the SPs of the remaining SCs.


----------------------<D037666, 06/DEC/05>-----------------------------
IGS patch file is not included in the set of the stack download for SPS05. You have to download it separately on the SAP Service Marketplace at -> Entry by Application Group ->  SAP NetWeaver -> SAP NETWEAVER -> SAP NETWEAVER 7.0 (2004S) -> Entry by Component -> Application Server Java -> SAP IGS 7.00.
The patch file name is IGS.SAR, not as stated in the SP Stack Guide.

----------------------<D037666, 06/DEC/05>-----------------------------
During the update to SPS05 of the Java stack, JSPM aborts upon the deployment of the component CAF due to a missing deploy-time dependency. See Note 903609 for workaround.

----------------------<D037666, 24/OCT/05>-----------------------------
After the installation of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.0
(2004s), the AS-ABAP is of the SP level 0. You must apply the Support Packages of all relevant software components up to the SP level 04 immediately. The update includes the following components:

  • SAP Kernel - Kernel patch level 22
  • SAP BASIS 7.00 - SP04
  • SAP ABA 7.00 - SP04
  • BW 7.00 - SP04
  • PI_BASIS 2005_1_700 - SP04

In case of upgrade, you should include the Support Packages of the components above with the upgrade procedure.


  • 26 Jun 2008 3:39 am Guest
    We do have currently system with following Support package level. Please confirm at what SP level we stand on.

    Installed components

    SAP Component Release SP Level

    SAP Kernel 700 146
    PI_BASIS (Basis Plug-In 2006_1_700 0005
    SAP_ABA (Cross-Application Component) 700 0013
    SAP_BASIS (SAP Basis Component) 700 0013
    SAP_BW (SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0) 700 0015
    ST-A/PI (Servicetools for ) 01K_BCO700 0000
    ST-PI (SAP Solution Tools Plug-In) 2005_1_700 0006

    Sohail Rana
  • 29 Jun 2008 7:51 pm Guest
    i have not yet installed.but if you have succeeded in installation please give me the required patches,components,etc... with CD numbers as iam a fresher in sap.

    sap fresher