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Operating System Call Getaddrinfo Failed (error no. 0)

Updated May 18, 2018

You find the following entries in the SystemLog repeatedly:

Operating system call getaddrinfo failed (error no. 0 )
NiConnect Unsuccessful, Return Code: -0003
> Host:  <hostname>
> Service: sapgwck                             

Trace file from the GW (dev_rd) shows:

*** LOG Q0I=> NiPGetServByName: 'sapgwck' not found: getaddrinfo
*** ERROR => GwIAsyncConn: GwBufConnect to <hostname> / sapgwck failed (rc=NIESERV_UNKNOWN)
*** LOG S0T=> GwIAsyncConn, GwBufConnect (-0003) [gwxx.c       1283]
*** LOG S0R=> GwIAsyncConn, GwBufConnect () [gwxx.c       1285]
*** LOG S0S=> GwIAsyncConn, GwBufConnect (sapgwck) [gwxx.c       1287]
*  LOCATION    SAP-Gateway on host <hostname>/ sapgw<nr>
*  ERROR       service 'sapgwck' unknown 
*  TIME        Wed Jun 19 07:19:06 2013
*  RELEASE     721
*  COMPONENT   NI (network interface)
*  VERSION     40
*  RC          -3
*  MODULE      nixxsl.cpp
*  LINE        184
*  DETAIL      NiSrvLGetServNo: service name cached as unknown
*  COUNTER     373210

A  RFC> Called function module: RFC_SYSTEM_INFO
A  *** ERROR => RFC ======> CPIC-CALL: 'ThSAPOCMINIT' : cmRc=26 thRc=665
Service name is not known
 [abrfcio.c    8175]
A  *** ERROR => RFC Error RFCIO_ERROR_SYSERROR in abrfcpic.c : 2327
CPIC-CALL: 'ThSAPOCMINIT' : cmRc=26 thRc=665


The cause of those SysLog entries are the following lines in the local file '/etc/services' from the host specified in the GW trace file as <hostname>:

<service name>   <service number>/<protocol>  
tick-port 3200/tcp   # Press-sense Tick Port
tick-port 3200/udp   # Press-sense Tick Port

The error occurs during the connection to the gateway (it can also happen with, for example, message server, dispatcher, SAProuter , and so on) in which a service name is specified instead of a port number.

A lookup for the specified service name is not possible for the corresponding port number.  Since the service name is unknown, the connection cannot be established.

If you list all the entries in the table CSMSYSAS, you can see records with host names, instance names and service names. The column SERVICE should show names like: sapdp<XX>, sapgw<XX> or a number with 5 digits. Any other services (like tick-port) are faulty entries, caused by duplicated entries in the corresponding "services" file.


The port number for the service name must be published on the corresponding computer or in the network.  Check in the /etc/services file of the mentioned host if service is correctly defined or if the lines starting with tick-port are present. In such case, you should comment the above mentioned lines (put a "#" character at the start of each line).

SAP service ports should be defined once in a services file with the service name (in this case, sapgwXX and 33XX).
See note: 540379 - Ports and services used by SAP

Take in account that the instance should be restarted so the entries will be correctly reread.


GW_SERVICE_UNKNOWN , 665, Gateway service unknown, thRc=665, tick-port, sapgwck, Service name is not known

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