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ABAP debugging authorizations

Updated May 18, 2018

This note describes the authorizations that a user requires to debug ABAP programs.

The following ABAP debugging authorizations are available:

a) Normal debugging authorization (Display field contents)
b) Authorization to change field contents in debugging, and, as of Release 6.10, the function 'Debugging->Go to statement'.
c) Authorization for kernel debugging, that is, for C-debugging of the SAP kernel with a debugger such as 'xdb'.

The following contents belong to the authorization fields of the authorization object S_DEVELOP:

a)   DEBUG    03  Display
b)   DEBUG    02   Change field contents and 'Go to statement'
c)   DEBUG    01   Kernel debugging (not relevant to customers; for
                                    SAP-internal purposes only)

The contents of the authorization fields DEVCLASS, OBJNAME, and P_GROUP are irrelevant. For this reason, the authorization cannot be restricted to certain programs.

The authorization object S_DEVELOP also applies to debugging with "/h" or "/hs" in the OK field.

Some authorization checks are already carried out when the debugger is started. Therefore, if transaction SU53 is called later, missing authorizations may not be displayed because no new check was carried out.