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Search Help and how to create Search Help.

What is Search Help?

Search Help is a data dictionary object which is used to create a popup window that contains all the data related to your search. It is an input Help which permits the user to display a list of possible values for a screen field. In other words, search help is a field help provided to the user whenever he presses a Search help button in executing an ABAP program. It is created by using T.Code SE11.

There are two types of Search Help:

1. Elementary Search Help is created from a single table.

2. Collective Search Help is a collection of more than one Search Helps.

Steps to create Elementary Search Help

1. Goto T.Code SE11

2. Select the Search Help radio button and Type the name of the Search Help you want to create for e.g ZSH

3. Press the Create button.

4. In the popup selection window choose Elementary Search Help(for creating Search Help from single table)

5. Press Enter.

6. Type in "Short description" Elementary Search Help, "Selection method**" (TSTC in this case) and fields that should be displayed in the Search Help.

7. Notice that the text table of TSTC has automatically been included as we entered TSTC in the Selection Method.

8. Now "Save" -> "Check" -> "Activate" -> "Execute". You will see a popup window with all the fields you added. Press F4 on any of them to see how your first Elementary Search Help looks.

Steps to create Collective Search Help

1. Go to SE11 -> Select radio button "Search Help" -> enter a name for e.g ZCL_SHL

2. Select "Collective Search Help" radio button (on the popup)

3. Press "Enter"

4. Type in "Short description" Collective Search Help and fields that should be displayed in the Search Help in the Definition Tab.
(Note that there is no selection method to be entered for a collective search help.)

5. Now go to the "Included Search Helps" tab and enter the names of the Elementary Search Helps you wish to include into your Collective Search Help (ZCL_SHL in this case, Instead of the selection method, we enter the included search helps for the collective search help.).

6. Now select the line which contains your Elementary Search Help and click on "Param. Assignment**".

7. In the next screen, enter the parameter names of the elementary search helps to which the corresponding parameters of the collective search help should be assigned in the field Reference parameter.(We need to assign parameter for each of the search help included).  You can select the parameters contained in the included search help using the input help. Create a proposal for the assignment with Proposal.

8. "Save" -> "Check" -> "Activate" -> "Execute". You will see a popup window (as shown below) with all the fields you added. Press F4 on any of them to see how your  Collective Search Help looks.

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