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SAP ABAP Enhancements Interview Questions and Answers

SAP ABAP Enhancements FAQs

Q1: What is the reason for using ENHANCEMENTS?

Ans: Normal programs don’t give us all the functionalities we may need, so to fix this we can use the R/3 enhancements that will permit us to insert our particular functionality to any normal SAP program.

Q2: What is the meaning of customer development?

A2: Customer development generates objects particular to the customers in their name range.

Q3: What weaknesses do we find when using MODIFICATION?

A3: One of the weaknesses is that we could have errors when standard code is modified. This automatically leads to a higher amount of work when software upgrades are made.

Q4: Why should we choose to make MODIFICATIONS?

A4: Customer exits don’t exist in every screen and program from R/3, and because they can be used just if they are already existing in SAP R/3, sometimes we must choose to make modifications.

Q5: What is the meaning of a SCREEN EXIT?

A5: Screen exits means to add fields to R/3 screens, SAP generates screen exits by deploying particular subscreen areas in a normal R/3 screen and then invoking customer subscreens from the normal flow logic of dynpro.

Q6: What is the way in which exit organizing is made by SAP?

A6: Organizing exit packages of SAP is also found under the name of SAP enhancements and every SAP enhancement can have several particular exits.

Q7: What is the meaning of USER EXITS, how are they written and which measures do we have to take for prevention?

A7: In the default standards of SAP we can find the user defined functionalities, we can find a Sap program in which a customer personal program may be invoked. Unlike customer exits. user exits can permit the developers to enter and change the parts of the program and also the objects. When upgrade is made, every user exit has to be verified for conformation to the standard system. The user exits can use INCLUDES, case in which Customizing makes the management. We have to search for those customer enhancements from a specific development class.

Q8: Can we classify the ENHANCEMENTS by type?

A8: Yes they can be classified in:

a) enhancements that use customer exits and

b)enhancements of the elements in the ABAP/4 Dictionary.

a) The standard software doesn’t incorporate all the requirements of the customer, but they can be contained as empty ‘shells’ that can be changed by the customers by inserting their personal codes. The enhancements can refer to menus, screens or programs, the compatibility being assured. This means that in SAP guarantees that the compatibility will be maintained even when passing from standard software to exit and the interface invoking the exit (they will be kept for future versions too).

b) These are enhancements like table appends or text enhancements or field exits (supplementary coding for data elements).                        

Q9: What is the meaning of SSCR?

A9: The SAP Software Change Registration or SSCR is the operational that makes possible the registration of every manual change of the SAP source coding and objects of SAP Dictionary.

Q10: What are the strong features of Enhancements?

A10: They don’t have an impact on the standard source code of SAP, they don’t have an impact on software upgrades.

Q11: Which are the main types of CUSTOMER EXITS?

A11: The main types of customer exits are: the screen exits, the menu exits, the function module exits and the keyword exits.

Q12: What is the meaning of FUNCTION MODULE EXIT?

A12: The function module exit is meting supplementary functionality in R/3 programs having a big role in the menu exits and the screen exits.

Q13: What is the meaning of an add-on project?

A13: For using in the best way the exits we find in the standard R/3 programs we have to make an add-on project, that makes possible organizing the enhancement packs and the exits we desire to use. An add-on project makes possible to met add-on functionality on the texts from the SAP enhancements.

Q14: What is the meaning of a keyword exit?

A14: With a keyword exit we can give to the data elements of the keywords from the ABAP/4 dictionary some documentation. This documentation will be shown by the system every time users hit the F1 key for obtaining help online regarding a screen field.

Q15: What is the meaning of a MENU EXIT?

A15: Menu exits mean when we add item on the pull-down menus.

Q16: How can we separate ENHANCEMENTS from MODIFICATIONS?

A16: When we create modifications on the functionality of the SAP standard we say modifications. When we put supplementary functionality on the standard functionality of SAP we say enhancements.

Q17: What is the meaning of CUSTOMIZING?

A17: When we configure the system parameters through the SAP interface we mean customizing.

Q18: How can we classify the methods in which we generate modifications in the standard software of SAP?

A18: We can make: enhancements to the standard of SAP, modifications to the standard of SAP, customizing and customer development.