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Module Pool Programming Tips for Interview Questions

Updated May 18, 2018

FAQs:SAP ABAP Module Pool Programming Tips

What is the significance of the word ‘OUTPUT’ in the declaration MODULE TEST_KNOWLEDGE OUTPUT

Ans :- Then we know that it is part of the PBO, therefore is processed before the screen is presented.

Describe the fields on the screen?

Ans: - Attributes screen, Screen types,follow-up screens , cursor position etc. After you have entered the screen number, the screen branches to the screen attribute maintenance. Enter a short description , select the type NORMAL and specify the number of the follow-up screen.

What are the three components of ON-LINE program?

Ans : - Screen , ABAP/4 program and transaction code.

What is gained by using the Dictionary Fields menu option when creating your screen?

Ans : - The fields you have created inherits the same attributes as those in the Data Dictionary.

How to Create a checkbox , frame, pushbuttons and radio buttons on a screen?

Ans :- Just type a name and go to graphic element push button.

How do you assign an OK_CODE for a push button? How is it used in your ABAP?

Ans :- In the field list, name the element and give it the value that it will represent when pushed You must make sure that you clear the field that represents the pushbutton after every check.
What automatic checks does the screen perform? (should be four)

Describe all four and how they are used?

Ans: - The field format, required input, a foreign key table, parameters.

What are the two methods to declare input field as mandatory?
If you set required field as program attribute, the user must enter a value in the field. Required fields appear on the screen containing a question mark (?).

How does foreign key work? What you have to put in your screen to identify the foreign key?Then where is the foreign key identified?

Ans :- You have defined a screen field by referring to a Data Dictionary, which has a check table. When the foreign key is checked the system compares the values of the fields to be checked with the contents of the key fields of the corresponding table.

What are the two effects of the foreign key from a user standpoint?

Ans :- Possible entries & a check against the key field contents

What is user defined validation checks in the flow logic?

Ans :- FIELD…SELECT FIELD…VALUES or in the module pool FIELD…MODULE.

Does the value command in the flow logic go in the PAI or the PBO event?

Ans :- PAI.

If an error occurs in the module pool, which fields are available for entry and which are display only fields?

Ans :- Only those fields defined with the FIELD statement before MODULE & relevant checks in a chain.

When is the chain command used in the PBO event?

Ans :- If you want to make more than one field ready for input after an error.

What table stores the online messages? What is the message class and what is its significance?

Ans :- Table T100. The message class is a specific class of messages for a group of transactions.

What are the 5 different message types and how are they handled by the system? What is then difference between the Warning and Error messages?

Ans :- A : Abend Message displayed on the current screen and subsequent task terminated
I : Information Message displayed on the current screen , but user can continue program by pressing ENTER
E: Error Message displayed on the current screen. With FIELD statements , the fields concerned become ready again for input and user is required to make the entry /entries again
W : Warning As E message, but correcting input is optional
S: Success Message displayed on the follow-up screen as an I message.

What does WITH statement add to a message?

Ans :- In the place of the & or $ the fields or values are placed in the error message.

What effect does the FIELD statement have within the flow logic?

Ans : - The field statement resets the fields so those fields are ready for input again.

Where are the messages displayed on the screen?

Ans :- At the bottom.

Is the SET PARAMETER statement to be issued in PBO or PAI module? Why?

Ans : - PAI, the value must be input into the fields first before it can be placed in the buffer.