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ABAP Workflow Scenario with Explanation

Updated Apr 18, 2019


I need SAP ABAP workflow Scenario with Explanation


  • 08 May 2013 11:22 am Rohit Mahajan Helpful Answer

    You will get an ABAP workbench tool which is known as class builder that will be use d to generate, defining, alterations and examining global ABAP classes and ABAP interfaces. If you want the definition and runtime components of SAP web flow engine so that you can use ABAP classes easily same as that of object types that is being defined in the Business Object Repository. You can also use ABAP classes that will support the IF_WORKFLOW interface in the SAP Web Flow Engine. ABAP classes are processed with the help of class builder. This document will help you to understand the special features related to SAP Web Flow Engine. They can also be attaining determined objects. Even you can access all public qualities in the SAP Web Flow Engine. Infect the qualities is an object reference, this class does not essentially have to work on the IF_Workflow interface. Within the SAP Web Flow Engine the BI_PERSISTENT~FIND_BY_LPOR method of the IF_WORKFLOW interface is used to make instances and supply the corresponding attributes. You can generate a distinct workflow configuration for each form of the workflow meaning. A workflow configuration can be self-sufficiently stimulated. Once a workflow is performed, the workflow system checks whether a dynamic workflow configuration happens for this form. If one exists, the data in the workflow configuration takes priority over the data in the workflow definition. Hope this article will help you for the ABAP workflow