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How to access a t-code for which you are not authorized?

Updated Feb 20, 2024

Want to access the t-code for which you don't have authorization? 

Not Authorized

According to the system, if you do not have the authorization for any transaction the standard protocol is to contact the security team and request the necessary permissions. This process involves communication, validation, and granting access through authorization objects such as S_TCODE and TCD.

Trick to Access the Tcode

If you don't have access to the security team then just follow the below steps:
(However, be cautious! Basis or Auditing team may catch you)

  • Open Transaction Code SE37 - Function Builder.
  • Display the function module AUTH_CHECK_TCODE.

Auth Check

  • Insert a break-point at the sy-subrc statement.


  • Execute the transaction code for which you lack authorization.
  • When the debugger reaches the break-point, change the sy-subrc value from 4 to 0.
  • Press F8 (Execute).
  • Now the t-code will be accessible to you!