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Automatic generation of PO

Updated May 18, 2018

Automatic generation of PO is by using 'Automatic Via Purchase Requisition' option in purchasing- Requisition-Follow on Functions- Create PO. However PO can not be created automatically after MRP run. Is there a provision in SAP to release Purchase Orders automatically after MRP run?


  • 23 Sep 2005 10:05 pm Hari
    Tick the automatic PO and Source List fields in purchase view of the material master for the vendors on whom you would like to release PO automatically. Create a purchase info record. Create source list. In the last column in the details screen of the source list check the field relevant for MRP set the correct parameters for running MRP. But PO can not be created automatically after MRP run.
    The automatic PO creation flag enables you to run a batch job that will convert all selected Purchase Requisitions to be converted Purchase Orders in the background.
    You may consider scheduling agreements if you want MRP to kick out Purchase Orders. Set the flag in the source list for the scheduling agreement to "2" enabling MRP to kick out delivery schedules for future requirements. If you want to fix the schedule within a certain period you have two options.
    1. Using firm zone - firms all orders within this period . Refer additional data screen of the scheduling agreement at the vendor material level.
    2. Planning time - all new orders outside of the planning time fence - refer MRP 1 view of the material master
  • 01 Jun 2010 10:02 am Guest
    What id diffrence between article description & till description in sap master data