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Valuation Class and how to Post Materials to GL?

Can anyone explain the following:

  1. What is the use valuation classes?

  2. How are materials posting to GL, if it is through valuation classes then how we can create and link valuation class with GL account?

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  • 14 Mar 2010 2:31 am Shalesh Singh Visen Best Answer

    You group together different materials with similar properties into valuation classes so that you do not have to manage a separate stock account for every material.

    The following table contains examples of possible valuation classes:

    • Valuation class Description
    • 3001 Colors
    • 3002 Paints
    • 3030 Operating supplies
    • 3100 Trading goods

    Which valuation class a material can be assigned to depends on the material type. You can define the following assignments in Customizing:

    • All materials with the same material type are assigned to just one valuation class.
    • Different materials with the same material type are assigned to different valuation classes.
    • Materials with different material types are assigned to a single valuation class.

    A material is assigned to a valuation class in the material master record. The system checks whether the material type allows the material to be assigned to the valuation class specified.

    The system refers to the valuation class of a material to determine which stock account to post to when a posting is made for this material.

  • 14 Mar 2010 2:34 am Shalesh Singh Visen Helpful Answer

    1. In the accounting view of Material Master (Material master has various views eg., Basic views, Purchasing views, Production, Sales and Distribution, Accounting and Controlling views) amongst other values we have a Valuation Class field. This Valuation class is the vital link which ensures that Accounting documents are posted automatically. Every material will have a valuation class field. Examples of Valuation Class might be Finished Goods, Raw Materials etc.

    2. The combination of this Valuation Class and the Movement Type helps in determining the Gl accounts. GL accounts are automatically updated with this combination with the help of transaction key for the GL code available using the transaction code OBYC.

    Material movements in MM happen with respect to a Movement Type. Examples of Movement Type could be the following:

    • Goods receipt - movement type 101
    • Goods issue to production order/consumption - movement type 261
    • Goods delivered to the customer - movement type 601
  • 03 Nov 2017 4:57 pm vaibhav gupta Helpful Answer

    How can we change Valuation class?

    Ans: First, go to mm02 -> Account view-1 and change the valuation class

  • 30 Jun 2010 7:35 am rekha

    Thanks for logical part of the MM FI integration.

    Could you further elaborate which T. Code is used for customizing the assignments mentioned by you?

  • 30 Jun 2010 9:55 am rekha
    User transaction code OBYC, there use the appropriate trasaction keys and assign the GL Code to

    hope it helps let me know if not,

    Kind regard s
  • 08 Jul 2010 10:30 am rekha
    Could you further elaborate which T. Code is used for customizing the assignments mentioned by you?