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BAPI_ ALM_ NOTIF_ CREATE - Maintenance Notification

Updated May 18, 2018

I am trying to use BAPI "BAPI_ALM_NOTIF_CREATE" to create Maintenance Notification. I am working on SAP ECC 5.0 Version. When I try to create the same using IW21 transaction, by just passing Notification type, Equipment Number and short text, I am able to create the notification.
If I try to pass the same value to BAPI, I am not getting the notification created, but also it is not giving back any message to return table.

a) To create items, causes, tasks, or actions, the sort field must be filled.

b) When you create a cause, the sort field of the item must also be filled.

c) When you create a long text, the fields OBJTYP and OBJKEY must be filled. OBJTYP can have the following values:

1. QMEL - Notification header
2. QMFE - Notification item
3. QMUR - Notification cause
4. QMSM - Notification task
5. QMMA - Notification action

OBJKEY must have the corresponding sort field for the values named above. The combination of sort field of item/cause, item/task and item/action must be unique within a notification. If you leave the sort field empty and the OBJTYP = QME, then a long text is created for the notification header.

In the field REFOBJECTKEY, an external reference can be transferred. The link between external reference keys and R/3 keys is transferred in the export table KEY_RELATIONSHIP. If the fields SENDER, REFOBJECTTYPE and REFRELTYPE are filled, then an object link can be created at notification header level.