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500 SAP Internal Server Error 'termination:RABAX_STATE error'

Updated Jan 22, 2024

BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL JSONRPC causes '500 SAP Internal Server Error' 'termination: RABAX_STATE error​'

Hello SAP Experts,

While calling the SAP function module with the help of BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL JSONRPC an error "500 SAP Internal Server Error" "termination: RABAX_STATE" appears.

Please help me to resolve this error


The '500 SAP Internal Server Error' with the error code 'RABAX_STATE' occurs due to some severe error in the SAP system. While using the BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL function module with JSON-RPC (Remote Procedure Call), there could be various reasons for this error. 

Here are some comm you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

Check Input Parameters:

Make sure that the input parameters are correctly provided to the BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL function module. Also, double-check the syntax and values being passed.

Check Authorization:

Check if the user executing the BAPI has the necessary authorizations and access to call the BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL function module.

Check Function Module Version:

Check if the correct version of the BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL function module is used based on your SAP system's release and support package level.

Check SAP Application Logs:

Check the t-code SM37 for any short dumps related to the termination code 'RABAX_STATE.' This transaction code can provide additional details about the error.

Perform Debugging:

You can also use the SAP debugger to step through the execution of the BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL function module. Debugging can help you identify errors in the code.

Update SAP Kernel and Support Packages:

Ensure your SAP system runs on the latest SAP kernel and support packages. Outdated software components may have known issues that have been addressed in later releases.

Check Payload and Response:

Examine the JSON-RPC payload being sent to SAP and the response received. There might be issues with the data format or unexpected values causing the error.

Review SAP Gateway Logs:

If SAP Gateway for JSON-RPC is used, please check the logs for any additional error messages or clues about the cause of the '500 Internal Server Error.'



  • 04 Nov 2016 12:48 pm Nitesh Singh Helpful Answer

    The error you are facing is due to the mismatch in the length defined for one variable ("ename").

    Therefore, the variable length should be synchronized.