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Batch level Interview Questions and Answer

Updated May 19, 2018

Batch level FAQ

What all factors should be considered during the conversion from plant to material level?

The batches for the material must be exclusive in all plants. All the batch numbers which occur more than once should be archived.

You can even resort to using a conversion report in case the affected number of batches are high which permits you to carry out the conversion without performing any manual activities.

In all plants, the materials must be subject to batch management. Typically, you should book out stocks for setting the batch management requirement indicator for a material and also close any open documents.

A conversion report can be used if there is a very large data or document volume, without performing any manual activities you can facilitates the batch management requirement indicator like completing open documents or booking out stocks.

You need to make sure that doc 746517 (Conversion report batch level - fields are not transferred) and doc 750319 (Batch level conversion report - change documents for batch) have been implemented in your system.

What factors have to be taken into account for a client copy and will you define the batch definition level in the target client?

The batch definition level has been defined in the TCUCH table. As the definition level of the batch is appropriate for the classifying the batch, for instance (see above), the TCUCH table ought to have the delivery class 'L' for technical reasons, which means that during a client copy or a transport, the table is initialized in the target client.

In the target client You must utilize the Transaction OMCT for defining the batch definition level. Incase this is not done then, the first time you call a transaction which is appropriate to the batch level (for instance, Transactions MM01/02/03, MSC*N, MIGO), based on the material master data and the batch classification data in the client, the system is able to determine the definition level and it appropriately fills the TCUCH table consistently.

Do ensure that doc 757068 has been implemented in your system. This doc makes sure that system uses not only the classification data but also the material master data (is the batch management requirement indicator defined for all plants?) for automatically determining the batch definition level.

The batch level is well defined as material in the target client, after a client copy, while it is set to plant level in the source client. How can this setting be undone e setting for the batch level in the target client?

This problem takes place once you have implemented doc 666117 in your system, however you have not yet implemented doc 757068.

For rectifying this inconsistency, you need to create a message under the LO-BM-BF component.

Which processes for batches are impossible with the 'Batch at plant level' setting?

Generally you can control the batch management requirement explicitly for each plant, in case the batch level has been defined at plant level. Besides this, for a batch of a material with the same name to have different characteristics is quite possible (for example batch status) in various plants as there are two master records for plant-specific batches.

In cross-plant processes (for instance in two step stock transfer), the batch characteristics of a batch which have the same name of a material are non-transferrable.

In case the batch number is same and not unique, then As of APO 4.0, you cannot work with the 'Batches at plant level' setting as it’s not handy to check and control processes across plants in the APO system.

The system issues termination message CZ 314 "Batch definition level not known after a client copy, "Batch definition level not known. System inconsistency!). How can this problem be corrected?

The system inconsistencies can be caused by the following:

  • Classifying the inconsistent batch data.
  • Varying material master data related to the concerning the batch management requirement indicator (XCHPF).

How can material level to plant level be changed ?

For converting, incase the following conditions are met the you can use Transaction OMCT for the conversion:

  • A batch-managed material is not yet available, which has been defined at material level (MARA-XCHPF is initial).
  • There is no batch classification data (no batch classes of class type 023 and no classified objects of class type 023).
  • No batches are available.

If, for instance, there are already batches in your system.

If the change from plant level to material level takes place, during a client copy and you do not want this, the you can proceed as described in point 3 (incase, there is already material master data and batch data set up in the target client).