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How to Capture Sales Order no. in ALV Reports?

Updated May 19, 2018

Hello Abapers,

In interactive ALV report, Suppose I click on Sales order no1, now I’ve to capture sales order no 1 for the transaction VA03 and next time I click on sales order no2 and capture the sales order no 2 and call transaction VA03.

How to do that in ALV.

waiting for your valuable answer.

thanks in advance.


  • 16 Aug 2016 11:52 am Guest

     Form USER_COMMAND USING ucomm like sy-ucomm
                      sel_field  type slis_selfield.

    CASE ucomm.
      WHEN '&IC1'.
         if sel_field-fieldname = 'VBELN'.
           READ TABLE it_final INTO wa_final index sel_field-tabindex.
           set PARAMETER ID 'AUN' FIELD wa_final-VBELN.