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How to change or customize report output layout in sap.

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How to change or customize report output layout in sap.

GRC reports are delivered with three layout options out of box:

1. ALV Grid Layout:
This solution generates reports in Webdynpro ALV format.
Webdynpro provides flexibility and analytical capability with the enablement of functionalities like: dynamic columns, collaspable hierarchy nodes and navigation links.

2. ALV Grid Layout, Print via General Crystal Layout:
This solution generates reports in Webdynpro ALV format and allows users to export with generic Crystal template.
Users can have both the flexibility of dynamic columns as well as the refined report layout with predefined crystal report templates.

3. Crystal Report Layout:
This solution generates reports in Crystal Report layout.
Users receive customer requested reporting with out-of-box customizing crystal report templates. Graphics and charts are supported in this scenario.
To display Crystal Report Layout in Webdynpro ALV, user need to firstly install Crystal Adaper and Active Components Framewrok in computer.

You should only change a standard layout if the change is required for all reports that use that standard layout. If changes are only needed for one report run or for a specific report, you should change the report parameters using the Layout functions on the Change Report. Do not change the standard layout (SAP) that is delivered with your SAP R/3 System.

Steps to change Standard report output layout

  • Choose Report Painter ->Report Writer -> Standard Layout -> Change.
    The Change Standard Layout: Initial Screen appears.
  • In the Standard layout field, Enter the name of the standard layout you want to change and choose Header.
    The Change Standard Layout: Header screen appears.
  • On this screen, you can use the additional processing functions in the table in Creating a Standard Layout, as well as the Extras -> History function to display the revision history of the standard layout.
  • Type over current values with your changes.
  • Choose Standard layout -> Save.