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BAdI MB_MIGO_BADI with LINE MODIFY method to change the MIGO GOITEM Structure

Updated May 18, 2018

How to change MIGO by using BAdI MB_MIGO_BADI with LINE_MODIFY method?

We are using the BAdI MB_MIGO_BADI with the LINE_MODIFY method to change the MIGO GOITEM structure but we carry out a goods movement by calling transaction MIGO, and we want to this BAdI should only be processed if new items are added or existing items are changed. 


The BAdI MB_MIGO_BADI with the method LINE_MODIFY is called again in display mode so that customer-defined implementations (of additional tab pages, for example) are also represented here accordingly.  In this case, the system no longer issues message MIGO 050.

Enhancing the documentation of the BAdI MB_MIGO_BADI.

To adjust the documentation manually in advance, proceed as follows:

1. Call transaction SE18 for the BAdI MB_MIGO_BADI and choose "Display".

2. In the following screen, choose the "Documentation" button from the menu bar.  A new window containing the BAdI documentation opens.

3. Here, search for the text "Insert / change line (GOITEM)" and choose the link "LINE_MODIFY" that is below it.  You are now in the documentation for the method LINE_MODIFY of the BAdI.

4. Choose "Edit Documentation" and search for the sentence "The LINE_MODIFY method is called if a new line is added to GOITEM, or if an existing line is changed (see also the PAI_DETAIL method with E_FORCE_CHANGE).".

5. Insert the following text below it:  "In addition, the method is also called in display mode; however, no changes are transferred to GOITEM".

6. Choose "Document -> Save -> Active Version", select a suitable correction order, and release and transport the changes.