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How to Change a Weekly Off to Working Day And Working Day to Weekly Off

Nitesh Singh || 07 May 2014 2:46 pm || 1

We are doing Negative Time Management where we record only deviations 
But customer has third party time machine which required to be integrated with SAP system 

As I know, from the time recording terminal, i should map SAP number to all employees and then get a text mail the details with employee attendance for the respective dates and times. Then, have to create a ABAP report which will read the text file and update clock in/out with date into SAP system. After this we can check employee attendance infotype 2011. 

But, Before going for above, time administrator wants to set IT0007 as 7- time evaluation without payroll integration, then maintain data in IT0050 & IT2011 
Then run Time Evaluation then the out put will be according to the data maintained in IT 2011. Now the requirement is, time administrator wants to change eg. the day is suppose to be working day for any employee but based on adjustments that day became weekly off, another employee suppose to work but again due to some adjustments that day became weekly off, so how this time administrator can change this and where. This is like, time administrator need to see the total work schedule for an employee and needs to change whichever data and whenever or after time evaluation, he could see the total work schedule as desired. 

And also, time administrator wants to change schedule manually for any of the employee during that particular period and view the same. 
Please note that, ESS/MSS haven't implemented yet


  • Nitesh Singh
    07 May 2014 9:18 am Best Answer

    If HR/Time administrator does not change the entries in the time clock system for a past period, it requires entering an IT 2003 for the change. IT 2003 is used in Time eval & Payroll. 

    To change normal working time, IT 7 can be created from any date including the past; this will delimit the existing one and create a new one from the new record date. 

    ESS/MSS are not mandatory. 

    The time reports will include all time related data - e.g., IT 7, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2011