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SAP HR Data Migration

Data migration is a foremost and key task for a successful SAP HR implementation.

Data Migration refers to the method of transitioning facts and figures from the AS-IS environment(any non-SAP schemes) to the To-Be environment (SAP ECC HR). In other words, SAP data migration means the facts and figures transport from current schemes such as Baan, JD Edwards Peoplesoft (any non-SAP schemes) into SAP systems.

Following are the steps to be followed:

Data Preparation and Analysis

Decide the strategy for Data groundwork. Identifies what facts and figures is needed in SAP HR application .It is founded on implementation country.

Data Mapping

Investigation stage is to identify the Data sources that should be conveyed into the new system. recognising legacy data areas to be migrated to SAP. Identification of gaps in obligations & facts and figures.

Data Extraction and Conversion 

Data Extraction from Legacy scheme and alteration to a format which is agreeable by SAP.

Data Upload

Data  Upload into the SAP HR facts and figuresbase utilising any Data  migration devices such as LSMW assembly the facts and figures to be migrated such as centre HR Data, Time facts and figures, payroll applicable facts and figures.

Data upload issue Identification, Resolution and Reload

  • Categories matters founded on kind of mistake e.g. incorrect configuration, incorrect mapping, incorrect data.
  • Determination data mistakes.
  • Reload facts and figures, if reload is necessary.

Testing and Data Validation

After the Data upload, there are number of devices available to test & validate data (SAP Standard Reports and SAP Database Tables).

SAP HR OM PA-TM Payroll SAP is one kind of ERP software which occupies the largest part of market and is the most costly one in the world. SAP supplies the most mighty answer service for every aspect of nearly all kind of enterprises, particularly the top 500 ones.

SAP HR  is one of the numerous modules (other foremost modules: FI/CO, SD, MM, PP, CRM and other ones) of SAP scheme, it supply answer service for human asset administration in the enterprise. SAP HR Module furthermore can be split up to some sub-modules like SAP scheme. These sub-modules are Organizational Management(OM), Personal Administration(PA), Time Management(TM), Payroll(PY),Personal Development(PD), Performance Management(PM),Enterprise Learning(EL,Trainning Management),E-Recruitment(Recruitment Management).By the way, many SAP HR jobs use SAP Portal and enterprise Warehouse(BW) to accelerate the function of SAP HR scheme and foundation is required.

The sub modules: OM/PA/PT/PY is the four rudimentary modules of SAP HR. OM encompass department, place, job, task, work center of a company. OM is very basic and all of other sub-modules count on OM.

PA modules are to organize all of the information of worker what client desire to is the center of SAP HR scheme. It works on the OM module and support PT, PY and other modules. SAP HR advisors should make sure the facts and figures of PA modules is exactly correct before task proceed live-up.