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Use of BETRG and ANZHL

Hi Experts,

Please guide me some steps and it will be a great help for me.

I found some rules have been written like this .Could you please guide me how to take this concept as there is three D and after AMT there is BETRG and in NUM there is ANZHL. What is the use of these BETRG and ANZHL. And from where i will get the words like BETRG AND ANZHL.

And as there is more than one symbol in Variable key.What is the use of more than one variable and its uses.



there is also VAKEYLNCLS (What is LNCLS and where i will get this information about it).


  • 21 Jun 2008 2:25 pm Guest Helpful Answer
    Just a tip on schemas and rules.

    Rules are written according to your needs or company needs.
    You wil never know the meaning of everything in SAP, even the most senior SAP consultant doesn not know all technical names on the system, or functions and operations or waht ever, you should start learning how to find things you want to know on SAP, F1 on anything, and you will understand.

    Betrg is a technical name of the field amount from a infotype.
    Anzhl - i think is the technical name for annual salary.

    Press F1 on any anything you want to find out what it means, SAP has documentation

    Hope that helps.
  • 25 Jun 2008 12:07 am Guest Helpful Answer
    A few comments:

    That kind of schema is easier to understand if you switch to the tree view, as it will display the various D(ecisions) at their respective levels.

    BETRG is from the German Betrag = Amount
    ANZHL is from the German Anzahl = Number

    In your example AMT corresponds exactly to BETRG and NUM exactly to ANZHL (at least where the semantics are concerned).
  • 16 Sep 2008 6:38 am Guest
    Hi friend

    good answer thank u for your help