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How to Add Checkbox in ALV Grid?

Updated May 18, 2018

Add Checkbox in ALV Grid


Instead of using the reuse ALV grid function I have used the call method.

If you check the program BCALV_TEST_GRID_EDITABLE there is a checkbox there.

Please, can anyone explain to me how to add the checkbox there?


  • 21 Mar 2018 6:45 am vaibhav gupta Helpful Answer

    Hello Saket,

    First, you need to create a character field in itab, for eg check type char1.

    Now in the field catalog please use the code below in order to get the checkbox:

    wa_fcat-fieldname = 'CHECK'.
    wa_fcat-tabname = 'ITAB'.
    wa_fcat-checkbox = 'Z'.
    wa_fcat-edit         = 'Z'.
    append wa_fcat to it_fcat.