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Clear/Delete Transaction for a Specific Company Code

Updated May 18, 2018

Hi SAP Gurus,

Kindly advise us on how to delete all transactions posted in a specific
company code. All posted transactions is kinda "trash"/"garbage".

They wanted to reupload their beginning balances using their Dec 31, 2013

Is it possible to zero out all balances in this company code and then
reupload beg bal data?

Please advise. Any recommendation is very much appreciated.

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  • 10 Feb 2014 7:36 am rekha Best Answer

    You can use OBR1 and OBR2 transactions for deleting main transactional and master date in FI. You can use the T.code OBR1 to reset the Transaction data Posted to a company code and Use T.code OBR2 to delete the Master data such as Customer, vendors and GL account created in company code. 

    OBR1 can be used to reset transaction data in a company code and the FI and CO transaction data of that company is deleted. But you can not reset CO transaction data for one company code. You have to reset CO transaction data for a whole controlling area.

    If more company codes are assigned to the same CO Area, then it would be an issue.
    There is an option to set the flag for 'Delete CO transaction data'. If that indicator is not set, then the reconciliation postings between FI & CO will not be deleted.
    Other Options
    As a rule, a company code in the SAP system represents a legally independent company.
    Only system settings are copied or deleted. Master data is not affected.
    1.   To delete an OrgUnit:

    • Carry out a reorganization for the data that is dependent on the OrgUnit.
    • Delete the OrgUnit.

    2. I suggest you take a look at transaction SARA. You can view the steps needed to erase transactional and master data.
         All the SAP archive functions  are shown in SARA.  Choose the corresponding SAP archive object, hit enter and the archive
         administration menu will be shown.

    • To do a permanent delete, goto transaction SARA and click Delete button.
    •  Maintain the Archive Selection, Start date and Spool parameters.
    •  Click Test Session for testing or click execute to start the deletion program.
    •  Click Goto Job Overview to check the delete status.

    3.   Also can carry out the following steps:

    • Block all your G/L Accounts belongs to that company code
    • Delete the assignment of the Company and the Company code @ OX19.
    • Remove the assignments @ OBY6 for the respective company code.
    • Remove the assignment @ OKKN for the CO Area.