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How to Configure Loan (IT 0045) - Flat Interest Rate

Nitesh Singh || 06 Jun 2014 1:16 pm || 1

Hi Experts, 

I am in deed to seek your suggestions on below requirement. 

We have a requirement to configure the Loans (IT 0045), the scenario is as below. 

The eligibility of loan on band wise as below and the rate of interest is 5% FLAT rate. 

Band 1 15,000 
Band 2 20,000 

and if employee availed loan in band1 for Rs. 15,000 and if he promoted to band 2, then he is eligible for Rs. 5000 (20,000 - 15,000). 

Could you please advise me how to meet the requirement and also please suggested me how to configure Flat interest rate ? 

Thanks in Advance


  • 06 Jun 2014 7:48 am Best Answer

    You can use PCRa in XAL0 subschema 

    a)PCR 1 - to derive the interest rate based on the business rules; 

    b)next PCR 2 - to calculate the interest with the rate from above and add it to interest deduction w/t. 

    The deduction function PRPRI will deduct the loan dedn & interest dedn w/t's (which need to be in deduction priority config).